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2019Mainstreaming gender into irrigation: experiences from PakistanMemon, J.A.; Cooper, B.; Wheeler, S.
2017Managing water scarcity at a river basin scale with economic instrumentsGomez, C.; Pérez-Blanco, C.; Adamson, D.; Loch, A.
2020Understanding Filipino rice farmer preference heterogeneity for varietal trait improvements: A latent class analysisMaligalig, R.L.; Demont, M.; Umberger, W.J.; Peralta, A.
2018Private transaction costs of water trade in the Murray-Darling BasinLoch, A.; Wheeler, S.; Settre, C.
2017Experimental evidence on the relative efficiency of forward contracting and tradable entitlements in water marketsBayer, R.; Loch, A.
2017The complex relationship between households’ climate change concerns and their water and energy mitigation behaviourNauges, C.; Wheeler, S.
2018How can we value an environmental asset that very few have visited or heard of? Lessons learned from applying contingent and inferred valuation in an Australian wetlands case studyGregg, D.; Wheeler, S.
2017Greenhouse gas abatement on southern Australian grains farms: biophysical potential and financial impactsMeier, E.A.; Thorburn, P.J.; Kragt, M.E.; Dumbrell, N.; Biggs, J.S.; Hoyle, F.C.; van Rees, H.
2016Lessons to be learned from groundwater trading in Australia and the United StatesWheeler, S.A.; Schoengold, K.; Bjornlund, H.
2016Using mental-modelling to explore how irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin make water-use decisionsDouglas, E.; Wheeler, S.; Smith, D.; Overton, I.; Gray, S.; Doody, T.; Crossman, N.