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2012Allocation trade in Australia: a qualitative understanding of irrigator motives and behaviourLoch, A.; Bjornlund, H.; Wheeler, S.; Connor, J.
2013Trading water to improve environmental flow outcomesConnor, J.D.; Franklin, B.; Loch, A.; Kirby, M.; Wheeler, S.A.
2012Estimating the economic cost of one of the world's major insect pests, plutella xylostella (lepidoptera: Plutellidae): just how long is a piece of string?Zalucki, M.; Shabbir, A.; Silva, R.; Adamson, D.; Liu, S.; Furlong, M.
2019Turning water into wine: exploring water security perceptions and adaptation behaviour amongst conventional, organic and biodynamic grape growersWheeler, S.; Marning, A.
2017Developing a water market readiness assessment frameworkWheeler, S.; Loch, A.; Crase, L.; Young, M.; Grafton, R.
2016Responding to global challenges in food, energy, environment and water: risks and options assessment for decision-making (ROAD)Grafton, R.; McLindin, M.; Hussey, K.; Wyrwoll, P.; Wichelns, D.; Ringler, C.; Garrick, D.; Pittock, J.; Wheeler, S.; Orr, S.; Matthews, N.; Ansink, E.; Aureli, A.; Connell, D.; Stefano, L.; Dowsley, K.; Farolfi, S.; Hall, J.; Katic, P.; Lankford, B.; et al.
2014Designing water abstraction regimes for an ever-changing and ever-varying futureYoung, M.
2010Briefing: drought and structural adjustment in AustraliaMcColl, J.C.; Young, M.D.
2012Valuing beach recreation across a regional area: the Great Barrier Reef in AustraliaRolfe, J.; Gregg, D.
2015Drought and the rebound effect: a Murray-Darling Basin exampleLoch, A.; Adamson, D.