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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Allocation trade in Australia: a qualitative understanding of irrigator motives and behaviourLoch, A.; Bjornlund, H.; Wheeler, S.; Connor, J.
2013Evaluating water market products to acquire water for the environment in AustraliaWheeler, S.; Garrick, D.; Loch, A.; Bjornlund, H.
2010Water trade alternatives in the face of climate changeLoch, A.; Bjornlund, H.; Kuehne, G.
2014Irrigator preferences for water recovery budget expenditure in the Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaLoch, A.; Wheeler, S.; Boxall, P.; Hatton-Macdonald, D.; Adamowicz, W.L.; Bjornlund, H.
2015Virtual discussions to support climate risk decision making on farmsReardon-Smith, K.; Mushtaq, S.; Farley, H.; Cliffe, N.; Stone, R.; Ostini, J.; Doyle, J.; Martin, N.; Loch, A.; Maraseni, T.; Marcussen, T.; Lindesay, J.
2014The development of virtual world tools to enhance learning and real world decision making in the Australian sugar farming industryReardon-Smith, K.; Farley, H.; Cliffe, N.; Mushtaq, S.; Stone, R.; Doyle, J.; Martin, N.; Ostini, J.; Maraseni, T.; Marcussen, T.; Loch, A.; Lindesay, J.
2016Mercados de agua en Australia y California. Qué podemos aprender de ellos?Palomo-Hierro, S.; Settre, C.; Loch, A.; Wheeler, S.
2014Possible negative feedbacks from 'gold-plating' irrigation infrastructureAdamson, D.; Loch, A.
2015Drought and the rebound effect: a Murray-Darling Basin exampleLoch, A.; Adamson, D.
2014Reviewing the adoption and impact of water markets in the Murray–Darling Basin, AustraliaWheeler, S.; Loch, A.; Zuo, A.; Bjornlund, H.