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2015A 3-D seismic interpretation of the Palaeo-Fluvial geomorphology of the off-shore Gippsland Basin utilising seismic attibutesNeden, Luke
20144D fracture distribution in the Cooper BasinWei, Liu
2014Characterisation of carbonate cemented zones in the Paaratte Formation of the Victorian Otway Basin and Bass Megasequence of the Bass Basin using wireline log dataArmener, Kapila J.M.
2011Comparison of seismic migration strategies: The Ceduna Sub-basin of the Great Australian Bight, South Australia.Cooke, Frances A
1996Controls on porosity in the Pab Sandstone, Kirthar Basin, PakistanEnman, Travis
2015Controls on shallow marine reservoir development, Jansz-IO Field, Northern Carnarvon BasinPlotnek, Elizabeth K.
2013Controls on the morphology of fluvial and tidal influenced channels in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia.Okafor, Rosemary N.
2014Depositional environments of 3D surveys for potential CO2 sequestration in the Northern Caswell Sub-basin, Browse Basin, North West Shelf, AustraliaThurlow, Brenden James
2014Detecting the occurrence of dolomite cemented zones in the Otway Gippsland BasinsAl-Shukaili, Amira
2014The effect of stress regime, pre-existing natural fracture geometric and hydraulic parameters and stimulation design parameters on fracture stimulation and fluid flow dimensions in the Otway BasinBenson, Robert
2014The effect of the stress regime and pre-existing natural fracture densities, orientations and hydraulic parameters on fracturing stimulation and fluid flow dimension in the Cooper BasinIbraheem, Kazeem A.
2014Evaluating structural controls on Eocene igneous activity in the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Bight Basin offshore South AustraliaPrasongtham, Pattarapong
2015A facies atlas for the wave to tide-dominated Gulf St Vincent (South Australia)Swiatek, David
2014Four-dimensional fracture distribution in the Cooper Basin using image logsAl Barwani, Khalda
2014Geocellular modelling and connectivity analysis of a tide-influenced channel belt system: example from the Mitchell River Delta, Gulf of Carpentaria, AustraliaAl Quwaitii, Reham Said
2014Palaeogeographic mapping and depositional trends of the Patchawarra Formation within the Tenappera Region, Cooper BasinKobelt, Sam J.
2014Palaeogeographic mapping of the basal Epsilon Formation, southern Cooper Basin, South Australia: what are the controls determining the organic enrichment of the uppermost part of the Murteree Shale?Fraser, Brayden D.
2013Palaeogeography of the Roseneath Shale in the south-western Cooper Basin, South Australia.Matali, Muiz Hj
2014Pre-salt playing hydrocarbon trap evaluation within the Callanna Group in the eastern Officer Basin, South Australia, from recent drilling resultsSahuri
2014A regional study of the Toro and Imburu Formation aquifers in the Papuan Basin, Papua New Guinea.Hopwood, Blair