Papers etc. Series 5: ‘Notes not for legends or included in Aborigines: Odd notes only’ :
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The Barr Smith Library recognises the moral rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the owners of their knowledge. To this end, Special Collections is digitising the Daisy Bates Papers in our collections to enhance access for people who cannot travel to Adelaide. Please be aware that this site may contain sensitive information, including the names and images of people who have passed away and which may sadden and distress some Aboriginal people. This site may also contain language and terms used by an author that reflect an inappropriate attitude due to the historical context in which these records were created.

Include notes on Swan River pronouns; on Bibbulmun language; ‘Yongajarra [Yonguljarra] family tree’; Murray River people; Ooldea names; hymn in ‘Beagle Bay language’; biographical information on Bates herself (in ‘record of service for the aborigines of Central Australia’); and notes by others.

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