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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Artificial neural network based hybrid modeling approach for flood inundation modelingXie, S.; Wu, W.; Mooser, S.; Wang, Q.J.; Nathan, R.; Huang, Y.
2021A new theoretical method to predict strata movement and surface subsidence due to inclined coal seam miningSun, Y.; Zuo, J.; Karakus, M.; Liu, L.; Zhou, H.; Yu, M.
2020Performance of rock crack stress thresholds determination criteria and investigating strength and confining pressure effectsTaheri, A.; Zhang, Y.; Munoz, H.
2021A modelling framework and R-package for evaluating system performance under hydroclimate variability and changeBennett, B.; Devanand, A.; Culley, S.; Westra, S.; Guo, D.; Maier, H.R.
2021A physical modeling-based study on the control mechanisms of Negative Poisson's ratio anchor cable on the stratified toppling deformation of anti-inclined slopesTao, Z.; Zhu, C.; He, M.; Karakus, M.
2021Digital image correlation for the analysis of in-plane tested unreinforced masonry wallsHowlader, M.K.; Masia, M.J.; Griffith, M.C.
2020Stochastic simulation of the spatial heterogeneity of deltaic hydrofacies accounting for the uncertainty of facies proportionsJorreto-Zaguirre, S.; Dowd, P.A.; Pardo-Igúzquiza, E.; Pulido-Bosch, A.; Sánchez-Martos, F.
2020Strain burst vulnerability criterion based on energy-release rateAkdag, S.; Karakus, M.; Nguyen, G.D.; Taheri, A.
2020An active learning approach for identifying the smallest subset of informative scenarios for robust planning under deep uncertaintyGiudici, F.; Castelletti, A.; Giuliani, M.; Maier, H.R.
2020Blending fibres to enhance the flexural properties of UHPFRC beamsSturm, A.B.; Visintin, P.; Oehlers, D.J.