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2001Some new concepts in the assessment of composite steel and concrete vehicular bridge beamsOehlers, D.
2003Inelastic buckling of rectangular steel plates using a Rayleigh-Ritz methodSmith, S.; Bradford, M.; Oehlers, D.
2001Partial-interaction flexural stresses in composite steel and concrete bridge beamsSeracino, R.; Oehlers, D.; Yeo, M.
2008Ductility design of FRP retrofitted RC structuresOehlers, D.; Haskett, M.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Griffith, M.; International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials in Bridges and Structures (5th : 2008 : Winnipeg, Canada)
2001An analytical model for reinforced concrete beams with bolted side plates accounting for longitudinal and transverse partial interactionNguyen, N.; Oehlers, D.; Bradford, M.
2004Moment redistribution in continuous plated RC flexural members. Part 1: neutral axis depth approach and testsOehlers, D.; Ju, G.; Liu, I.; Seracino, R.
2004Prestress model for shear deformation debonding of FRP- and steel-plated RC beamsOehlers, D.; Liu, I.; Seracino, R.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.
2013Modelling of the concrete compressive failure mechanismSu, Y.; Wu, C.; Oehlers, D.
2007Parametric studies of RC slabs retrofitted with FRP to resist airblast loadsWu, C.; Oehlers, D.; International Conference on Shock & Impact Loads on Structures (7th : 2007 : Beijing, China)
2012Prestressed fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) laminates for the strengthening of reinforced concrete structuresKnight, D.; Oehlers, D.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (6th : 2012 : Rome, Italy)