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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Numerical simulations of bond-slip models between FRP and masonry in pull testsSu, Y.; Wu, C.; Griffith, M.; International Symposium on Structural Engineering for Young Experts (10th : 2008 : Changsha, China)
2008Numerical analysis of out-of-plane loaded masonry wall using homogenization techniqueSu, Y.; Wu, C.; Griffith, M.; International brick & block masonry conference (14th : 2008 : Sydney, Australia)
2008Horizontal bending of FRP retrofitted masonry small wall specimensWillis, C.; Wu, C.; Griffith, M.; Seracino, R.; International brick & block masonry conference (14th : 2008 : Sydney, Australia)
2013Modelling of the concrete compressive failure mechanismSu, Y.; Wu, C.; Oehlers, D.
2007Parametric studies of RC slabs retrofitted with FRP to resist airblast loadsWu, C.; Oehlers, D.; International Conference on Shock & Impact Loads on Structures (7th : 2007 : Beijing, China)
2012Numerical simulation of unloading process of rocks under high initial stressTao, M.; Wu, C.; Li, X.; Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium (7th : 2012 : Seoul, Korea)
2013Simultation of pressure impulse diagrams for foam protected RC membersWu, C.; Sheikh, A.; Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (22nd : 2012 : Sydney, NSW)
2013Experimental and numerical investigation of confined explosion in a blast chamberWu, C.; Lukaszewicz, M.; Schebella, K.; Antanovskii, L.
2012Normalized pressure impulse diagrams for RC members under bilinear blast loadingWu, C.; International Conference on Concrete Engineering and Technology (11th : 2012 : Putrajaya, Malaysia)
2012A new approach to derive normalised pressure impulse curves for elastic members against partially confined blastsDragos, J.; Wu, C.; International Conference on Protection of Structures against Hazards (5th : 2012 : Singapore)