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2002Numerical analysis of blast-induced stress waves in a rock mass with anisotropic continuum damage models part 2: stochastic approachHao, H.; Wu, C.; Seah, C.
2005Numerical analysis of a two-rail steel RHS traffic barrier to vehicle impactWu, C.; Hao, H.; Deeks, A.
2001Numerical investigation of effects of underground chamber geometry and loading density on blasting-induced stress wave propagation in anisotropic rock massHao, H.; Wu, C.; Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium (2nd : 2001 : Beijing, China)
2005Damage analysis of low-rise RC frame structures with masonry infill to explosive loadsHao, H.; Wu, C.; Australian Structural Engineering Conference (2005 : Newcastle, N.S.W.)
2001Scaled-distance relationships for chamber blast accidents in underground storage of explosivesHao, H.; Wu, C.
2005Derivation of a multi-axial yield function for orthotropic hollow concrete block masonryWu, C.; Hao, H.; Australian Structural Engineering Conference (2005 : Newcastle, N.S.W.)
2001Statistical analysis of anisotropic damage of the Bukit Timah graniteWu, C.; Hao, H.; Zhao, J.; Zhou, Y.
2002Statistical analyses of RQD versus initial damage relationship of Singapore graniteWu, C.; Hao, H.
2009Finite difference analysis of simply supported RC slabs for blast loadingsJones, J.; Wu, C.; Oehlers, D.; Whittaker, A.; Sun, W.; Marks, S.; Coppola, R.
2011Dynamic response of UHPC members under internal and external blast loadingDragos, J.; Wu, C.; Lukaszewicz, M.; International Conference on Shock & Impact Loads on Structures (9th : 2011 : Fukuoka, Japan)