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2009Chemically and mechanically mediated influences on the transport and mechanical characteristics of rock fracturesMin, Ki-Bok; Rutqvist, Jonny; Elsworth, Derek
2009Finite difference analysis of simply supported RC slabs for blast loadingsJones, J.; Wu, C.; Oehlers, D.; Whittaker, A.; Sun, W.; Marks, S.; Coppola, R.
2009Ductility design of FRP reinforced concrete beamsHaskett, M.; Oehlers, D.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; International Symposium on FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures (9th : 2009 : Sydney, Australia)
2009Heat transfer of coupled fluid flow within a channel with a permeable baseMohais, R.; Bhatt, B.
2009Modelling the extreme floods of South Australian catchmentsWalpita-Gamage, S.; Hewa, G.; Subhashini, W.; Daniell, T.; Kemp, D.; World IMACS and MODSIM09 International Congress (18th : 2009 : Cairns, Qld)
2009The use of crash courses to promote active engagement in large class sizesWillis, C.; Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference (20th : 2009 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2009Yield Penetration Hinge Rotation in Reinforced Concrete BeamsHaskett, M.; Oehlers, D.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Wu, C.
2009An experimental investigation of air-blast effects from spherical-an cylindrical-shaped chargesFattori, G.; Wu, C.; Whittaker, A.; Noack, B.; Oehlers, D.; International Workshop on Structures Response to Impact and Blast (2009 : Israel)
2009Comparing predicted and observed ground motions from subduction earthquakes in the Lesser AntillesDouglas, J.; Mohais, R.
2009An experimental investigation of pneumatic swirl flow induced by a three lobed helical pipeFokeer, S.; Lowndes, I.; Kingman, S.