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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Effect of friction on shear connection in composite bridge beamsOehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; Yeo, M.
2009On the effect of permeable magmatic foam on heat transfer in channelized lava flowMohais, Rosemarie; Bhatt, Balswaroop
2006Sustainability Objectives for the Optimization of Water Distribution NetworksDandy, Graeme Clyde; Roberts, Andrew; Hewitson, Chris; Chrystie, Peter; International Symposium on Water Distribution Systems Analysis (8th : 2006 : Cincinnatti, OH)
2001The behaviour and future of the River Murray MouthWalker, David John
2002Numerical models for coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in fractured rocks-continuum and discrete approachesJing, Lanru; Min, Ki-Bok; Stephansson, Ove; International Conference on Analysis of Discontinuous Deformation (5th : 2002 : Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel)
2001Numerical Derivation of the Equivalent Hydro-Mechanical Properties of Fractured Rock Masses using Distinct Element MethodMin, Ki-Bok; Ivars, D. M.; Jing, Lanru; U.S. Rock Mechanics Symposium. (38th : 2001 : Washington, D.C.)
2001Homogenization of mechanical properties of fractured rocks by DEM modelingMas Ivars, D.; Min, Ki-Bok; Jing, Lanru; Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium (2nd : 2001 : Beijing, China)
2008AustraliaDaniell, Trevor Maurice; James, Ross Alexander
2002Determination of the permeability tensor of fractured rock masses based on stochastic REV approachMin, Ki-Bok; Jing, Lanru; Stephansson, Ove; ISRM regional symposium, 3rd Korea-Japan Joint symposium on rock engineering, (2002 : Seoul, Korea)
2004Overload behaviour of concrete structures: design considerationsWarner, R.