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2009Energy-controlled design of reinforced ultra-high performance fiber concrete slabs against airblast loadsWu, C.; Oehlers, D.; Rebentrost, M.; Leach, J.
2005Free vibration analysis of isotropic and composite folded plates using a shear flexible elementHaldar, S.; Sheikh, A.
2003Settlement prediction of shallow foundations on granular soils using B-spline neurofuzzy modelsShahin, M.; Maier, H.; Jaksa, M.
2009Bond behaviour of FRP-to-clay brick masonry jointsWillis, C.; Yang, Q.; Seracino, R.; Griffith, M.
2006Forecasting chlorine residuals in a water distribution system using a general regression neural networkBowden, G.; Nixon, J.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Holmes, M.
2005Input determination for neural network models in water resources applications. Part 2. Case study: forecasting salinity in a riverBowden, G.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.
2003Optimal construction and visualisation of geological structuresXu, C.; Dowd, P.
2005Analysis of support requirements for a shallow diversion tunnel at Guledar dam site, TurkeyBasarir, H.; Ozsan, A.; Karakus, M.
2007Fundamental issues that govern the rotation of FRP retrofitted RC columns and beams: The intractable plastic hinge ductility problemOehlers, D.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Griffith, M.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.; APFIS (12 Dec 2007 : Hong Kong)
2007Goulburn River experimental catchment data setRudiger, C.; Hancock, G.; Hemakumara, H.; Jacobs, B.; Kalma, J.; Martinez, C.; Thyer, M.; Walker, J.; Wells, T.; Willgoose, G.