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2009Integrated piezoceramic transducers for imaging damage in composite laminatesNg, C.; Veidt, M.; Rajic, N.; International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology in Engineering (2nd : 2009 : China)
2009Natural frequency of laminated sandwich plate with soft corePandit, M.; Singh, B.; Sheikh, A.; International Conference on Vibration Problems (2009 : India)
2009Evaluation of a warm-thermistor flow sensor for use in automatic seepage metersSkinner, A.; Lambert, M.
2000Effect of friction on shear connection in composite bridge beamsOehlers, D.; Seracino, R.; Yeo, M.
2004Full-range behavior of FRP-to-concrete bonded jointsYuan, H.; Teng, J.G.; Seracino, R.; Wu, Z.; Yao, J.
2005Optimization design of tall buildings under multiple design criteriaNg, C.T.; Lam, H.
2005Modal identification of a suspension footbridge using free vibration signaturesAu, S.K.; Ng, C.T.; Sien, H.; Chua, H.
2009On the effect of permeable magmatic foam on heat transfer in channelized lava flowMohais, Rosemarie; Bhatt, Balswaroop
2009Performance of retrofitted masonry walls under blast loadsSu, Y.; Wu, C.; Griffith, M.; International Symposium on FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures (9th : 2009 : Sydney, Australia)
2006Sustainability Objectives for the Optimization of Water Distribution NetworksDandy, Graeme Clyde; Roberts, Andrew; Hewitson, Chris; Chrystie, Peter; International Symposium on Water Distribution Systems Analysis (8th : 2006 : Cincinnatti, OH)