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2017Influence of FRP anchor configuration on the behavior of FRP plates externally bonded on concrete membersOzbakkaloglu, T.; Fang, C.; Gholampour, A.
2011A time stepping method in analysis of nonlinear structural dynamicsGholampour, A.; Ghassemieh, M.; Razavi, H.
2014A second order time integration scheme for elastic dynamic problemsGhassemieh, M.; Karimi-Rad, M.; Gholampour, A.
2017Behavior of rubberized concrete under active confinementGholampour, A.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.; Hassanli, R.
2012New practical approach to nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures: refinement of Newmark's and Wilson's classical methodsGholampour, A.A.; Ghassemieh, M.
2011The GA improved ANN-synergy-bifurcation model method on slope slide forecastingGuo, H.; Yu, L.; Deng, A.; GeoHunan International Conference (2011 : Hunan, China)
2014A numerical model to assess the dynamic response of out-of-plane loaded one-way spanning URM walls connected to flexible diaphragmsDerakhshan, H.; Griffith, M.; Ingham, J.; 9th International Masonry Conference (07 Jul 2014 - 09 Jul 2014 : Guimaraes, Portugal)
2013Numerical simulation of multiple fracture zones in underground dynamic loading processesTao, M.; Wu, C.; Li, X.; International Conference on Rock Dynamics and Applications (1st : 2013 : Lausanne, Switzerland)
2008A partial-interaction ductility model for FRP plated RC flexural membersOehlers, D.; Mohamed Sadakkathulla, M.; Haskett, M.; Griffith, M.; International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering (4th : 2008 : Zurich, Switzerland)
2012Numerical simulation of unloading process of rocks under high initial stressTao, M.; Wu, C.; Li, X.; Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium (7th : 2012 : Seoul, Korea)