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2018Spontaneous and iatrogenic preterm birth rates among unselected women in three consecutive pregnanciesKamphuis, E.; Ravelli, A.; Koullali, B.; Kazemier, B.; de Groot, C.; Mol, B.
2018Successful weight loss interventions before in vitro fertilization: fat chance?Norman, R.; Mol, B.
2016Diagnostic criteria and treatment for gestational diabetes mellitusVoormolen, D.; Abell, S.; James, R.; Hague, W.; Mol, B.
2017Diagnostic workup for postmenopausal bleeding: a randomised controlled trialvan Hanegem, N.; Breijer, M.; Slockers, S.; Zafarmand, M.; Geomini, P.; Catshoek, R.; Pijnenborg, J.; van der Voet, L.; Dijkhuizen, F.; van Hoecke, G.; Reesink-Peters, N.; Veersema, S.; van Hooff, M.; van Kesteren, P.; Huirne, J.; Opmeer, B.; Bongers, M.; Mol, B.; Timmermans, A.
2016Cervical pessaries to prevent preterm birth in women with a multiple pregnancy: a per-protocol analysis of a randomized clinical trialLiem, S.; Schuit, E.; Van Pampus, M.; Van Melick, M.; MonFrance, M.; Langenveld, J.; Mol, B.; Bekedam, D.
2008Chlamydia antibody titer testing versus hysterosalpingography for detection of tubal pathology in subfertile womenCoppus, S.; Chandra, M.; Coomarasamy, A.; Johnson, N.; van der Veen, F.; Bossuyt, P.; Mol, B.
2017Core outcome sets in women's and newborn health: a systematic reviewDuffy, J.; Rolph, R.; Gale, C.; Hirsch, M.; Khan, K.; Ziebland, S.; McManus, R.; van t Hooft, J.; Brown, M.; Grobman, W.; Fitzpatrick, R.; Karumanchi, S.; Lucas, N.; Magee, L.; Mol, B.; Stark, M.; Thangaratinam, S.; Wilson, M.; von Dadelszen, P.; Williamson, P.
2015Recurrence rate and outcome of postterm pregnancy, a national cohort studyKortekaas, J.; Kazemier, B.; Ravelli, A.; De Boer, K.; Van Dillen, J.; Mol, B.; De Miranda, E.
2014Prognostic profiles and the effectiveness of assisted conception: secondary analyses of individual patient dataVan Den Boogaard, N.; Bensdorp, A.; Oude Rengerink, K.; Barnhart, K.; Bhattacharya, S.; Custers, I.; Coutifaris, C.; Goverde, A.; Guzick, D.; Hughes, E.; Factor-Litvak, P.; Steures, P.; Hompes, P.; Van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.; Bossuyt, P.
2016From postpartum haemorrhage guideline to local protocol: a study of protocol qualityWoiski, M.; van Vugt, H.; Dijkman, A.; Grol, R.; Marcus, A.; Middeldorp, J.; Mol, B.; Mols, F.; Oudijk, M.; Porath, M.; Scheepers, H.; Hermens, R.