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2007Classification of lactose and mandelic acid THz spectra using subspace and wavelet-packet algorithmsYin, X.; Hadjiloucas, S.; Fischer, B.; Ng, B.; Paiva, H.; Galvao, R.; Walker, G.; Bowen, J.; Abbott, D.; Microelectronics: Design, Technology, and Packaging III (2007 : ACT, Australia)
2006Information fusion and wavelet based segment detection with applications to the identification of 3D target T-ray CT imagingYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Fischer, B.; Rainsford, T.; Abbott, D.; International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves (31st : 2006 : Shanghai, China)
20072-D wavelet segmentation in 3-D T-ray tomographyYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.
2006Molecular and structural preservation of dehydrated bio-tissue for THz spectroscopyPng, G.; Choi, J.; Guest, I.; Ng, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Zhang, X.C.; Smart Materials, Nano-, and Micro-Smart Systems (2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2006Feature extraction from terahertz pulses for classification of RNA data via support vector machinesYin, X.; Ng, B.; Fischer, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.; Smart Materials, Nano- & Micro-Smart Systems (2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2006Wavelet based segment detection and feature extraction for 3D T-ray CT pattern classificationYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Mickan, S.; Abbott, D.; IEEE Digital Signal Processing Workshop (12th : 2006 : Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming)
2009Wavelet based local tomographic image using terahertz techniquesYin, X.; Ng, B.; Ferguson, B.; Abbott, D.
2012Terahertz imaging for biomedical applications: pattern recognition and tomographic reconstructionYin, X.; Ng, B.; Abbott, D.
2007Support vector machine applications in terahertz pulsed signals feature setsYin, X.; Ng, B.; Fischer, B.; Ferguson, B.; Abbott, D.
2009Terahertz spectroscopy of misfolded proteins in bio-tissuePng, G.; Flook, R.; Ng, B.; Abbott, D.; IRMMW - THz 2009 (34th : 2009 : Korea)