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Type: Conference paper
Title: Drift-compensated low-noise frequency synthesis based on a CryoCSO for the KRISS-F1(Cs)
Author: Heo, M.
Park, S.
Lee, S.
Hong, H.
Kwon, T.
Park, C.
Lee, W.
Yu, D.
Hartnett, J.
Citation: Proceeding of the 2016 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements, as published in CPEM digest, 2016 / pp.1-2
Publisher: IEEE
Issue Date: 2016
ISBN: 9781467391344
ISSN: 0589-1485
Conference Name: Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM) (10 Jul 2016 - 15 Jul 2016 : Ottawa, Canada)
Statement of
Myoung-Sun Heo, Sang Eon Park, Sang-Bum Lee, Hyun-Gue Hong, Taeg Yong Kwon, Chang Yong Park, Won-kyu Lee, Dai-Hyuk Yu, and John G. Hartnett
Abstract: This paper reports implementation and operation of a frequency synthesizer based on a cryocooled cryogenic Sapphire oscillator (cryoCSO) for the Cesium atomic fountain clock developing at KRISS, KRISS-Fl(Cs). With use of this highly stable local oscillator, the short-term stability of KRISS-F1(Cs) was greatly improved and reaches the quantum projection noise limit, resulting in the measured lowest Allan deviation of 2.6×10-14. In addition, the long-term drift (4.8×10-14/day) of the cryoCSO could be compensated and reach below 5×10-16/day as low as state-of-the-art active hydrogen masers.
Keywords: Cryogenic Sapphire oscillator; fountain clock; local oscillator; quantum projection noise; stability
Rights: ©2016 IEEE
RMID: 0030055665
DOI: 10.1109/CPEM.2016.7540695
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