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2003Hand-wrist and cervical vertebral maturation indicators: how can these events be used to time class II treatmentsGrave, K.; Townsend, G.
1996Handling and clinical performance of a glass ionomer cementSmales, R.; Lee, Y.; Lo, F.; Tse, C.; Chung, M.
2017Having fewer than 21 teeth associated with poorer general health among South AustraliansJamieson, L.; Brennan, D.; Peres, M.; Luzzi, L.; Miller, C.; Bowden, J.; McCaffrey, N.
2010Head and traumatic brain injuries among Australian children, July 2000-June 2006Berry, J.; Jamieson, L.; Harrison, J.
2012Head and traumatic brain injuries among Australian youth and young adults, July 2000-June 2006Harrison, J.; Berry, J.; Jamieson, L.
2013The healing of dental extraction sockets in patients with Type 2 diabetes on oral hypoglycaemics: a prospective cohortHuang, S.; Dang, H.; Sambrook, P.; Goss, A.
2013Healing responses following transverse root fracture: a historical review and case reports showing healing with (a) calcified tissue and (b) dense fibrous connective tissueHeithersay, G.; Kahler, W.
2015The health and education gap 1861: when Europeans died and Aboriginal people thrivedWillison, J.; Kempster, C.P.; Indigenous Content in Education Symposium (21 Sep 2015 - 21 Sep 2015 : University of South Australia)
2018Health behaviours and quality of life in independently living South Australians aged 75 years or olderAmarasena, N.; Keuskamp, D.; Balasubramanian, M.; Brennan, D.
2008Health system values and social values of dental practitionersBrennan, D.; Singh, K.; Spencer, A.
2017Health workforce migration in the Asia Pacific: implications for the achievement of sustainable development goalsShort, S.D.; Marcus, K.; Balasubramanian, M.
2002Health, mental well-being, and musculoskeletal disorders: a comparison between Swedish and Australian dental hygienistsYlipaa, V.; Szuster, F.; Spencer, A.; Preber, H.; Benko, S.; Arnetz, B.
2014Health-related quality of life and income-related social mobility in young adultsBrennan, D.; Spencer, A.
2002Health-related quality of life of dental patients attending a primary care unitYip, K.; Smales, R.
2000Hepatitis C infection and associated oral health problemsCoates, E.; Brennan, D.; Logan, R.; Goss, A.; Scopacasa, B.; Spencer, A.; Gorkic, E.
2005High caries children in Australia: A 'tail' of caries distributionArmfield, J.
2011Higher concentration local anaesthetics causing prolonged anaesthesia. Do they? A literature review and case reportsKingon, A.; Sambrook, P.; Goss, A.
2014Histologic investigation of gingival epithelium implantation and the nonincision placement of miniscrewsZhang, Y.; Ni, J.; Smales, R.; Ma, J.; Wang, L.
2012Histological and immunohistochemical features of gingival enlargement in a patient with AMLSonoi, N.; Soga, Y.; Maeda, H.; Ichimura, K.; Yoshino, T.; Aoyama, K.; Fujii, N.; Maeda, Y.; Tanimoto, M.; Logan, R.; Raber-Durlacher, J.; Takashiba, S.
2017Histological assessment of regenerative endodontic treatment in animal studies with different scaffolds: a systematic reviewAltaii, M.; Richards, L.; Rossi-Fedele, G.