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2013Spectroscopic investigation of the far-infrared properties of liquid crystalsReuter, M.; Vieweg, N.; Fischer, B.; Dabrowski, R.; Celik, M.; Frenking, G.; Koch, M.; Jepsen, P.; International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (38th : 2013 : Mainz on the Rhine, Germany)
2003Noncovalent intermolecular forces in polycrystalline and amorphous saccharides in the far infraredWalther, M.; Fischer, B.; Jepsen, P.
2006Metal-insulator phase transition in a VO₂ thin film observed with terahertz spectroscopyJepsen, P.; Fischer, B.; Thoman, A.; Helm, H.; Suh, J.; Lopez, R.; Haglund, R.
2006Microarray Biochips - Thousands of Reactions on a Small Chip (MOBA)Monch, W.; Donauer, J.; Fischer, B.; Frank, R.; Gauglitz, G.; Glasenapp, C.; Helm, H.; Hing, P.; Hoffmann, M.; Jepsen, P.; Kleine-Ostmann, T.; Koch, M.; Krause, H.; Leopold, N.; Mutschler, T.; Rutz, F.; Sparna, T.; Zappe, H.
2002Far-infrared vibrational modes of DNA components studied by terahertz time-domain spectroscopyFischer, B.; Walther, M.; Jepsen, P.
2002Far-infrared spectroscopy of hydrogen bonding in nucleobases, nucleosides, and nucleotidesFischer, B.; Walther, M.; Jepsen, P.; International Conference on Terahertz Electronics (10th : 2002 : Selwyn College, University of Cambridge)
2005Low-power terahertz time-domain spectroscopy with optimized electro-optical detectionGorenflo, S.; Hinkov, I.; Lambrecht, A.; Fischer, B.; Hoffmann, M.; Helm, H.; Jepsen, P.
2005Chemical recognition in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and imagingFischer, B.; Hoffmann, M.; Helm, H.; Modjesch, G.; Jepsen, P.
2002Collective vibrational modes in biological molecules investigated by terahertz time-domain spectroscopyWalther, M.; Plochocka, P.; Fischer, B.; Helm, H.; Jepsen, P.
2005Dynamic range in terahertz time-domain transmission and reflection spectorscopyJepsen, P.; Fischer, B.