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2003Effects of oxidation and reduction on contractile function in skeletal muscle fibres of the ratLamb, Graham D.; Posterino, Giuseppe Saverio
2010The persistent sodium current blocker Riluzole Is antiarrhythmic and anti-ischaemic in a pig model of acute myocardial infarctionWeiss, S.; Saint, D.
2003Evolution of eyes: Pax, gene duplications & morphologyNordstrom, Karin
2011Amino acid features: a missing compartment of prediction of protein functionEbrahimie, E.; Ebrahimi, M.; Ebrahimi, M.
2010Spatial variation in the demography and population dynamics of a perennial shrub (Atriplex vesicaria) under sheep grazing in semi-arid Australian rangelandsHunt, Leigh Phillip
2007Structural constituents of the seagrass Posidonia australisTorbatinejad, Nour Mohammad; Annison, Geoffrey; Rutherfurd-Markwick, Kay; Sabine, John Robert
2007Suppression of LTP-like plasticity in human motor cortex by the GABA(B) receptor agonist baclofenMcDonnell, Michelle Nadine; Orekhov, Yuri; Ziemann, U.
2001L(+)-lactate does not affect twitch and tetanic responses in mechanically skinned mammalian muscle fibresPosterino, Giuseppe Saverio; Dutka, Travis L.; Lamb, Graham D.
2000Twitch and tetanic force responses and longitudinal propagation of action potentials in skinned skeletal muscle fibres of the rat.Posterino, Giuseppe Saverio; Lamb, Graham D.; Stephenson, D. G.
2001Piecing it Together: Nova Regulation of Alternative Splicing in the CNSDredge, B. K.; Darnell, Robert B.