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2017More is generally better: higher working memory capacity does not impair perceptual category learningKalish, M.; Newell, B.; Dunn, J.
2017A life-long approach to physical activity for brain healthMacpherson, H.; Teo, W.; Schneider, L.; Smith, A.
2017A randomized controlled trial of Kundalini yoga in mild cognitive impairmentEyre, H.; Siddarth, P.; Acevedo, B.; Van Dyk, K.; Paholpak, P.; Ercoli, L.; St Cyr, N.; Yang, H.; Khalsa, D.; Lavretsky, H.
2017The shared and unique genetic relationship between mental well-being, depression and anxiety symptoms and cognitive function in healthy twinsRoutledge, K.; Burton, K.; Williams, L.; Harris, A.; Schofield, P.; Clark, C.; Gatt, J.
2017Daughters and their mothers: the reproduction of pronatalist discourses across generationsBartholomaeus, C.; Riggs, D.
2017The effect of cerebral asymmetries and eye scanning on pseudoneglect for a visual search taskNicholls, M.; Hobson, A.; Petty, J.; Churches, O.; Thomas, N.
2017The epidemiology of driving in later life: Sociodemographic, health and functional characteristics, predictors of incident cessation, and driving expectationsAnstey, K.; Li, X.; Hosking, D.; Eramudugolla, R.
2017Measurement of the multi-TeV neutrino interaction cross-section with IceCube using Earth absorptionAartsen, M.; Hill, G.; Kyriacou, A.; Robertson, S.; Wallace, A.; Whelan, B.; Ackermann, M.; Bernardini, E.; Blot, S.; Bradascio, F.; Bretz, H.; Brostean-Kaiser, J.; Franckowiak, A.; Jacobi, E.; Karg, T.; Kintscher, T.; Kunwar, S.; Nahnhauer, R.; Satalecka, K.; Spiering, C.; et al.
2017Can cyberloafing and Internet addiction affect organizational information security?Hadlington, L.; Parsons, K.
2017Family factors in adolescent problematic Internet gaming: a systematic reviewSchneider, L.; King, D.; Delfabbro, P.