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1999The cell cycle dependent phosphorylation of histone H3 is correlated with the condensation of plant mitotic chromosomesHouben, Andreas; Wako, Toshiyuki; Furushima-Shimogawara, Rieko; Presting, Gernot; Kunzel, Gottfried; Schubert, Ingo; Fukui, Kuchi
1997Isolation and characterisation of X chromosome-derived DNA sequences from a dioecious plant Melandrium albumBuzek, Jiri; Koutnikova, Hana; Houben, Andreas; Riha, Karel; Janousek, Bohuslav; Siroky, Jiri; Grant, Sarah; Vyskot, Boris
1997Self-incompatibility in the grasses: evolutionary relationship of the S gene from Phalaris coerulescens to homologous sequences in other grassesLi, Xun; Paech, Nicholas Adam; Nield, Jan; Hayman, David; Langridge, Peter
1998Embryonic globins of the marsupial the Tammar Wallaby (Macropus Eugenii): bird like and mammal like.Holland, Robert A.; Gooley, Andrew A.; Hope, Rory M.
1998A very high density microsatellite map (1 STR/41kb) of 1.7 Mb on Xp22 spanning the microphthalmia with linear skin defects (MLS) syndrome critical regionCox, Timothy C.; Cox, Liza L.; Ballabio, Andrea
1995Distinct modes of cyclin E/Cdc2c kinase regulation and S-phase control in mitotic and endoreduplicating cycles of Drosophila embryogenesisSauer, Karsten; Knoblich, Jurgen A.; Richardson, Helena Elizabeth; Lehner, Christian F.
1998B-chromosome origin in the endemic New Zealand frog Leiopelma hochstetteri through sex chromosome devolution.Sharbel, Timothy F.; Green, David M.; Houben, Andreas
1996Human sex determination using multiplex polymerase chain reactionFinch, Jennie Louise; Hope, Rory M.; van Daal, A.
1987Multiple copies of the amdS gene of Aspergillus nidulans cause titration of trans-acting regulatory proteinsKelly, J.; Hynes, M.
1998Decapentaplegic is required for arrest in G1 phase during Drosophila eye developmentHorsfield, Julie A.; Penton, Andrea; Secombe, Julie; Hoffman, F. Michael; Richardson, Helena Elizabeth