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2006An odour detection threshold determination of all four possible stereoisomers of oak lactone in a white and a red wineBrown, R.; Sefton, M.; Taylor, D.; Elsey, G.
2005The odour profile of feedstuffs as modulators of feed preference in herbivoresPain, S.; Franklin-McEvoy, J.; Cox, A.; Revell, D.
2018Oenological traits of Lachancea thermotolerans show signs of domestication and allopatric differentiationHranilovic, A.; Gambetta, J.; Schmidtke, L.; Boss, P.; Grbin, P.; Masneuf-Pomarede, I.; Bely, M.; Albertin, W.; Jiranek, V.
2001Oh what a wonderful weedSchultz, C.
2005Olfaction and taste: human perception, physiology and geneticsSwiegers, J.; Chambers, P.; Pretorius, I.
1999Oligodeoxynucleotides as probes for in situ hybridization with transmission electron microscopy to specifically localize phytoplasma in plant cellsLherminier, J.; Bonfiglioli, Roderick Gordon; Daire, X.; Symons, R. H.; Boudon-Padieu, E.
1999Oligonucleotides as Hybridization Probes to Localize Phytoplasmas in Host Plants and Insect VectorsWebb, D. R.; Bonfiglioli, Roderick Gordon; Carraro, L.; Osler, R.; Symons, R.
2000Olive trees need the right pollinatorWu, Shubiao; Wirthensohn, Michelle Gabrielle; Collins, Graham George; Sedgley, Margaret
2003Olive water use and yield: monitoring the relationshipNuberg, Ian Kinloch; Yunusa, Isa Abdul Muhammad
2010Omega-3 long chain fatty acid synthesis is regulated more by substrate levels than gene expressionTu, W.; Cook-Johnson, R.; James, M.; Muhlhausler, B.; Gibson, R.
2009Omega-3 status in human fingertip whole blood relationship to erythrocytes and plasma and the effect of a dose-response interventionSparkes, C.; Sinclair, A.; Gibson, R.; Else, P.; Meyer, B.; XV International Symposium of Atherosclerosis (14 Jun 2009 - 18 Jun 2009 : Boston, MA, USA)
2013Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids and the early origins of obesityMuhlhausler, B.; Ailhaud, G.
2016On a quest for stress tolerance genes: membrane transporters in sensing and adapting to hostile soilsShabala, S.; Bose, J.; Fuglsang, A.; Pottosin, I.
2016On the marketisation of water: evidence from the Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaQuentin Grafton, R.; Horne, J.; Wheeler, S.
2005On the structural differences between markers and genomic AC microsatellitesPardi, F.; Sibly, R.; Wilkinson, M.; Whittaker, J.
2015On the surface of it: the role of materials science in developing antifungal therapies and diagnosticsCoad, B.R.
2003On the thermally induced rearrangement of 2-alkoxypyridines to N-alkylpyridonesLister, T.; Prager, R.; Tsaconas, M.; Wilkinson, K.
2010On-farm assessment of sub-soil salinity and sodicity constraints to barley production in southern AustraliaTavakkoli, E.; Jones, B.; Coventry, S.; Rengasamy, P.; McDonald, G.; Australian Agronomy Conference (15th : 2010 : Lincoln, New Zealand)
2013One simple DNA extraction device and its combination with modified visual loop-mediated isothermal amplification for rapid on-field detection of genetically modified organismsZhang, M.; Liu, Y.; Chen, L.; Quan, S.; Jiang, S.; Zhang, D.; Yang, L.
2014One step ATRP initiator immobilization on surfaces leading to gradient-grafted polymer brushesCoad, B.; Styan, K.; Meagher, L.