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2016Potassium homeostasis regulation inside the chloroplasts confers salt tolerance in plantsBose, J.; Percey, W.; Tyerman, S.; Shabala, S.; 17th International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology (IWPMB 2016) (05 Jun 2016 - 10 Jun 2016 : Annapolis, Maryland, USA)
2014Night-time responses to water supply in grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) under deficit irrigation and partial root-zone dryingFuentes, S.; De Bei, R.; Collins, M.; Escalona, J.; Medrano, H.; Tyerman, S.
2016Impact of grapevine exposure to smoke on vine physiology and the composition and sensory properties of wineRistic, R.; Fudge, A.; Pinchbeck, K.; De Bei, R.; Fuentes, S.; Hayasaka, Y.; Tyerman, S.; Wilkinson, K.
2007Actin filaments modulate hypoosmotic-responsive K+ efflux channels in specialised cells of developing bean seed coatsZhang, W.; Patrick, J.; Tyerman, S.
2007Aquaporins and unloading of phloem-imported water in coats of developing bean seedsZhou, Y.; Setz, N.; Niemietz, C.; Qu, H.; Offler, C.; Tyerman, S.; Patrick, J.
2011The Genetic Envelope of Winegrape vines: Potential for Adaptation to Future Climate ChallengesWebb, L.; Clingeleffer, P.; Tyerman, S.
2003Floodwater infiltration through root channels on a sodic clay floodplain and the influence on a local tree species Eucalyptus largiflorensBramley, H.; Hutson, J.; Tyerman, S.
2010The contrasting influence of short-term hypoxia on the hydraulic properties of cells and roots of wheat and lupinBramley, H.; Turner, N.; Turner, D.; Tyerman, S.
2011Root growth of lupins is more sensitive to waterlogging than wheatBramley, H.; Tyerman, S.; Turner, D.; Turner, N.
2011Proton-coupled high-affinity phosphate transport revealed from heterologous characterization in Xenopus of barley-root plasma membrane transporter, HvPHT1;1Preuss, C.; Huang, C.; Tyerman, S.