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2017A partially purified outer membrane protein VirB9-1 for low-cost nanovaccines against Anaplasma marginaleZhao, L.; Cavallaro, A.; Wibowo, D.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, J.; Mitter, N.; Yu, C.; Zhao, C.; Middelberg, A.
2007Integrated disease management of ascochyta blight in pulse cropsDavidson, J.A.; Kimber, R.B.E.
2016Changes in p pools over three months in two soils amended with legume residuesAlamgir, M.; Marschner, P.
2014Barriers to participatory extension in Egypt: Agricultural workers’ perspectivesMcDonough, C.; Nuberg, I.; Pitchford, W.
2016Previous land use and climate influence differences in soil organic carbon following reforestation of agricultural land with mixed-species plantingsEngland, J.; Paul, K.; Cunningham, S.; Madhavan, D.; Baker, T.; Read, Z.; Wilson, B.; Cavagnaro, T.; Lewis, T.; Perring, M.; Herrmann, T.; Polglase, P.
2016Response of soil microfauna to tillage methods and cropping systems in humic nitosols of Eastern KenyaMicheni, A.N.; Kanampiu, F.K.; Mburu, D.M.; Mugai, E.N.; Kitonyo, O.M.
2014Placement and source effects of phosphate fertilizers on phosphorus availability and reaction products in two reduced-till soils: a greenhouse studyKhatiwada, R.; Hettiarachchi, G.M.; Mengel, D.B.; Fei, M.
2014Synthesis of allo-and epi-inositol via the NHC-catalyzed carbocyclization of carbohydrate-derived dialdehydesStockton, K.; Greatrex, B.; Taylor, D.
2014Nutrient variability in phloem: examining changes in K, Mg, Zn and Fe concentration during grain loading in common wheat (Triticum aestivum)Palmer, L.; Palmer, L.; Rutzke, M.; Graham, R.; Stangoulis, J.
2014A microtensiometer capable of measuring water potentials below -10 MPaPagay, V.; Santiago, M.; Sessoms, D.; Huber, E.; Vincent, O.; Pharkya, A.; Corso, T.; Lakso, A.; Stroock, A.