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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Observations on the Australian business cyclePhotphisutthiphong, N.; Weder, M.
2015The occurrence of tax amnesties: theory and evidenceBayer, R.; Oberhofer, H.; Winner, H.
2012Oil and power in the Caspian RegionPomfret, R.
2015Oil prices, US stock return, and the dependence between their quantilesSim, N.; Zhou, H.
2011Oil rents, corruption, and state stability: Evidence from panel data regressionsArezki, Rabah; Bruckner, Markus
2002Old issues in new regionalismFindlay, C.
1997The Old Order and the New: Contrasts in the Response of Australian and Overseas Shipowners to Full Employment on the Waterfront, 1944-1952Sheridan, T.
1998Oligopoly and Predatory PricingSmith, R. L.; Round, David Keith
2015On bootstrap validity for specification tests with weak instrumentsDoko Tchatoka, F.
2002On Forecasting Heterogeneity, Irrational Exuberance, and the Multiplicity of Rational Expectations EquilibriaWeder, M.
1996On Measuring the Environmental Impact of Agricultural TradeAnderson, K.; Strutt, A.
2016On sabotage gamesKvasov, D.
1996On Studies on China's Rural to Urban Migration Since the ReformWu, H. X.; Li, Z.
2000On the formation of industry lobby groupsDamania, Richard; Fredriksson, Per G.
1998On the need for more economic assessment of quarantine policiesJames, S.; Anderson, K.
2003On the plausibility of sunspot equilibriaWeder, M.
2006On the role of the primary system in candidate selectionOak, M.
2007On the segmentation of marketsJacquet, Nicolas Laurent; Tan, Serene Sze-Ching
2013On the simultaneity problem in the aid and growth debateBrueckner, Markus
2013On the validity of Durbin-Wu-Hausman tests for partial exogeneity with weak identificationDoko Tchatoka, F.S.