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2011Clinical heterogeneity and prognostic features of South Australian patients with anti-synthetase autoantibodiesDugar, M.; Cox, S.; Limaye, V.; Blumbergs, P.; Roberts-Thomson, P.
2010Characterization of the host immune response in human ganglia after Herpes ZosterGowrishankar, K.; Steain, M.; Cunningham, A.; Rodriguez, M.; Blumbergs, P.; Slobedman, B.; Abendroth, A.
2000In situ and in vitro study of colocalization and segregation of a-Synuclein, ubiquitin, and lipids in Lewy bodiesGai, W.; Yaun, H.; Li, Q.; Power, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Jensen, P.
2005p25α stimulates α-synuclein aggregation and is co-localized with aggregated α-synuclein in α-synucleinopathiesLindersson, E.; Lundvig, D.; Petersen, C.; Madsen, P.; Nyengaard, J.; Hojrup, P.; Moos, T.; Otzen, D.; Gai, W.; Blumbergs, P.; Jensen, P.
2005A Western Australian kindred with Dutch cerebral amyloid angiopathyPanegyres, P.; Kwok, J.; Schofield, P.; Blumbergs, P.
2007Authors' replyByard, R.; Blumbergs, P.; Rutty, G.; Sperhake, J.; Banner, J.; Krous, H.
2007Lack of evidence for a causal relationship between hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and subdural hemorrhage in fetal life, infancy, and early childhoodByard, R.; Blumbergs, P.; Rutty, G.; Sperhake, J.; Banner, J.; Krous, H.
2003Mechanisms of unexpected death in tuberous sclerosisByard, R.; Blumbergs, P.; James, R.
2006Neonatal mouse brain exposure to mobile telephony and effect on blood-brain barrier permeabilityFinnie, J.; Blumbergs, P.; Cai, Z.; Manavis, J.; Kuchel, T.
2002Consensus neuropathological diagnosis of common dementia syndromes: testing and standardising the use of multiple diagnostic criteriaHalliday, G.; Ng, T.; Rodriguez, M.; Harding, A.; Blumbergs, P.; Evans (deceased), W.; Fabian, V.; Fryer, J.; Gonzales, M.; Harper, C.; Kalnins, R.; Masters, C.; McLean, C.; Milder, D.; Pamphlett, R.; Scott, G.; Tannenberg, A.; Kril, J.