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2023Schiller and His Philosophical Context: Pleasure, Form, and FreedomMcMahon, J.; Falduto, A.; Mehigan, T.
2023The ownership of memoriesFernandez, J.; Garcia-Carpintero, M.; Guillot, M.
2023Majumbu ('Old Harry') and the Spencer-Cahill bark painting collectionTacon, P.; Taylor, L.; May, S.; Goldhahn, J.; Jalandoni, A.; Ressel, A.; Mangiru, K.
2023The Dreamland: Isthmus - Interactive performance via the use of experimental AR (Augmented Reality) and escape game methodologyChan, O.Y.; Cook, S.
2023The Breath of Another: Mediated Testimony in the Play ManusSzorenyi, A.; Little, S.; Suliman, S.; Wake, C.
2023Queer Influencers: Hujar and WarholFlanery, P.
2023CasualtiesFlanery, P.
2023Passivity and exclusion: media power in the construction of the aged-care debate in Australia and MalaysiaImran, M.A.; Bowd, K.
2023Domesticity and PersonaBarbour, K.; Humphrey, M.
2023Impact of Interactive Television Instruction (ITV) on Problem Solving Skills Among Out-of-School Nomadic Children in Northern NigeriaTalabi, F.O.; Udeh, K.; Anselm U, A.; Talabi, J.M.; Aiyesimoju, A.B.; Oyeduntan, E.A.; Gever, V.C.
2023Contributors to social well-being from the perspective of older migrants in AustraliaLiu, S.; Hong, Y.; Gallois, C.; Haslam, C.; Jetten, J.; Tran, T.L.N.; Dane, S.
2022Transferring Suspiria: Historicism and Philosophies of Psychoanalytic TransferenceHoward, A.; Murphet, J.
2022Liberal Naturalism, Aesthetic Reflection, and the SublimeMcMahon, J.; De Caro, M.; Macarthur, D.
2022The corporeality of sound: drag performance, lip-synching and the popular critique of gendered theatrics in Australian film and televisionCover, R.; Prosser, R.; Dau, D.
2022Naturalizando la epistemología psicodélicaLetheby, C.
2022Resisting Linguistic Rules in French-Australian WritingEdwards, N.; Hogarth, C.
2022Paddy Compass Namadbara and Baldwin Spencer: an artist's recollection of the first commissioned Aboriginal bark paintins in Oenpelli, 1912Goldhahn, J.; Taylor, L.; Tacon, P.S.C.; May, S.; Maralngurra, G.
2022Graphic medicine and health professional education: An internship comic book case studyHumphrey, A.
2022Contemporary French-Australian Travel Writing: Transnational Memoirs by Patricia Gotlib and Emmanuelle FerrieuxEdwards, N.; Hogarth, C.
2022Imagining oneself being someone elseFernández, J.