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2012What factors affect the odds of NSW cancer patients presenting with localised as opposed to more advanced cancer?Tracey, E.; Roder, D.; Currow, D.
2012Age effects on survival from early breast cancer in clinical settings in AustraliaRoder, D.; De Silva, P.; Zorbas, H.; Kollias, J.; Malycha, P.; Pyke, C.; Campbell, I.
2012Incidence of metastatic breast cancer in an Australian population-based cohort of women with non-metastatic breast cancer at diagnosisLord, S.; Marinovich, M.; Patterson, J.; Wilcken, N.; Kiely, B.; Gebski, V.; Crossing, S.; Roder, D.; Gattellari, M.; Houssami, N.
2016Differences in impact of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status on cancer stage and survival by level of socio-economic disadvantage and remoteness of residence-A population-based cohort study in AustraliaTervonen, H.; Aranda, S.; Roder, D.; Walton, R.; Baker, D.; You, H.; Currow, D.
2014Development and validation of a risk score predicting risk of colorectal cancerSteffen, A.; MacInnis, R.; Joshy, G.; Giles, G.; Banks, E.; Roder, D.
2012Survival from synchronous bilateral breast cancer: The experience of surgeons participating in the breast audit of the Society of Breast Surgeons of Australia and New ZealandRoder, D.; De Silva, P.; Zorbas, H.; Kollias, J.; Malycha, P.; Pyke, C.; Campbell, I.; Webster, F.
2017Cancer survival disparities worsening by socio-economic disadvantage over the last 3 decades in New South Wales, AustraliaTervonen, H.; Aranda, S.; Roder, D.; You, H.; Walton, R.; Morrell, S.; Baker, D.; Currow, D.
2017After accounting for competing causes of death and more advanced stage, do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with cancer still have worse survival? A population-based cohort study in New South WalesTervonen, H.; Walton, R.; You, H.; Baker, D.; Roder, D.; Currow, D.; Aranda, S.
2010Exploring contrary trends in bladder cancer incidence, mortality and survival: implications for research and cancer controlLuke, C.; Tracey, E.; Stapleton, A.; Roder, D.
2012Breast screening and breast cancer survival in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of AustraliaRoder, D.; Webster, F.; Zorbas, H.; Sinclair, S.; Aitken, J.; Culjak, G.; Elston, J.; Epping, Y.; Farrugia, H.; Grayson, N.; Guthridge, S.; Halliday, L.; Muller, J.; Pridmore, V.; Threlfall, T.; Tyzack, C.; Venn, A.; Ward, G.; Williamson, L.; Wylie, L.