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2021Outbreaks, occurrence, and control of norovirus and hepatitis A virus contamination in berries: a reviewBozkurt, H.; Phan-Thien, K.-Y.; van Ogtrop, F.; Bell, T.; McConchie, R.
2021Population-based utility scores for HPV infection and cervical squamous cell carcinoma among Australian Indigenous womenJu, X.; Canfell, K.; Howard, K.; Garvey, G.; Hedges, J.; Smith, M.; Jamieson, L.
2021‘It’s concerning’, but is it your concern? Objectivity, advocacy and activism in gambling researchDelfabbro, P.; King, D.L.
2021Oral health of Aboriginal people with kidney disease living in Central AustraliaKapellas, K.; Hughes, J.T.; Cass, A.; Maple-Brown, L.J.; Skilton, M.R.; Harris, D.; Askie, L.M.; Hoy, W.; Pawar, B.; McKenzie, K.; Sajiv, C.T.; Arrow, P.; Brown, A.; Jamieson, L.M.
2021Identifying environmental determinants relevant to health and wellbeing in remote Australian indigenous communities: a scoping review of grey literatureChakraborty, A.; Daniel, M.; Howard, N.J.; Chong, A.; Slavin, N.; Brown, A.; Cargo, M.
2021Extreme heat and occupational injuries in different climate zones: A systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological evidenceFatima, S.H.; Rothmore, P.; Giles, L.C.; Varghese, B.M.; Bi, P.
2021Priority allocation of pandemic influenza vaccines in Australia – recommendations of 3 community juriesDegeling, C.; Williams, J.; Carter, S.M.; Moss, R.; Massey, P.; Gilbert, G.L.; Shih, P.; Braunack-Mayer, A.; Crooks, K.; Brown, D.; McVernon, J.
2021Should musicians play in pain?Stanhope, J.L.; Weinstein, P.
2021Social class and changes in Australian women's affect and alcohol consumption during COVID-19Lunnay, B.; Toson, B.; Wilson, C.; Miller, E.R.; Meyer, S.B.; Olver, I.N.; Foley, K.; Thomas, J.A.; Ward, P.R.
2021Strengthening approaches to respond to the social and emotional well-being needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: the Cultural Pathways ProgramBrodie, T.; Pearson, O.; Cantley, L.; Cooper, P.; Westhead, S.; Brown, A.; Howard, N.J.
2021Prevention strategies to address problematic gaming: an evaluation of strategy support among habitual and problem gamersStevens, M.W.R.; Delfabbro, P.H.; King, D.L.
2021Participatory Action Research-Dadirri-Ganma, using Yarning: methodology co-design with Aboriginal community membersSharmil, H.; Kelly, J.; Bowden, M.; Galletly, C.; Cairney, I.; Wilson, C.; Hahn, L.; Liu, D.; Elliot, P.; Else, J.; Warrior, T.; Wanganeen, T.; Taylor, R.; Wanganeen, F.; Madrid, J.; Warner, L.; Brown, M.; de Crespigny, C.
2021Sarcopenia measurement in research and clinical practiceDent, E.; Woo, J.; Scott, D.; Hoogendijk, E.O.
2021Associations between school readiness and student wellbeing: a six-year follow up studyGregory, T.; Dal Grande, E.; Brushe, M.; Engelhardt, D.; Luddy, S.; Guhn, M.; Gadermann, A.; Schonert-Reichl, K.A.; Brinkman, S.
2021Radiodynamic therapy using TAT peptide‐targeted Verteporfin‐encapsulated PLGA nanoparticlesClement, S.; Anwer, A.G.; Pires, L.; Campbell, J.; Wilson, B.C.; Goldys, E.M.
2021Surgical and percutaneous management of Aboriginal Australians with rheumatic heart disease: timeliness and concordance between practice and guidelinesRoberts-Thomson, R.L.; Baumann, A.; Reade, J.; Culgan, L.; Kaethner, A.; Ilton, M.; Kangaharan, N.; Tayeb, H.; Sinhal, A.; Chew, D.; Bennetts, J.; Nicholls, S.J.; Psaltis, P.J.; Brown, A.
2021Willingness to work during initial lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic: Study based on an online survey among physicians of BangladeshRafi, M.A.; Hasan, M.T.; Azad, D.T.; Alam, S.F.; Podder, V.; Hossain, S.; Akther, S.M.Q.; Ashraf, F.; Hossain, M.G.
2021School-based HPV vaccination positively impacts parents' attitudes toward adolescent vaccinationDavies, C.; Stoney, T.; Hutton, H.; Parrella, A.; Kang, M.; Macartney, K.; Leask, J.; McCaffrey, K.; Zimet, G.; Brotherton, J.M.L.; Marshall, H.S.; Skinner, S.R.
2021Prioritising models of healthcare service delivery for a more sustainable health system: a Delphi study of Australian health policy, clinical practice and management, academic and consumer stakeholdersPutrik, P.; Jessup, R.; Buchbinder, R.; Glasziou, P.; Karnon, J.; O’Connor, D.A.
2021Q fever vaccination: Australian animal science and veterinary students’ One Health perspectives on Q fever preventionRahaman, M.; Milazzo, A.; Marshall, H.; Chaber, A.-L.; Bi, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3080