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2002Backbone cleavages of [M - H]- anions derived from caerin 1 peptides and some synthetic modifications. Molecular recognition initiating internal cyclisation of Glu23Brinkworth, C.; Bowie, J.
1998New caerin 1 antibiotic peptides from the skin secretion of the Australian tree frog Litoria chloris. Part 2. Sequence determination using electrospray mass spectrometryWabnitz, P.; Steinborner, S.; Currie, G.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
1998New antibiotic caerin 1 peptides from the skin secretion of the Australian tree frog Litoria chloris. Comparison of the activities of the caerin 1 peptides from the genus Litoria.Steinborner, S.; Currie, G.; Bowie, J.; Wallace, J.; Tyler, M.
2004Host-defence skin peptides of the Australian common froglet Crinia signifera: sequence determination using positive and negative ion electrospray mass spectraMaselli, V.; Brinkworth, C.; Bowie, J.; Tyler, M.
2011Histidine-containing host-defence skin peptides of anurans bind Cu²⁺. An electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry and computational modelling studyWang, T.; Andreazza, H.; Pukala, T.; Sherman, P.; Calabrese, A.; Bowie, J.
2004Investigating the importance of the flexible hinge in caerin 1.1: Solution structures and activity of two synthetically modified caerin peptidesPukala, T.; Brinkworth, C.; Carver, J.; Bowie, J.
2009The host-defence skin peptide profiles of Peron's Tree Frog Litoria peronii in winter and summer. Sequence determination by electrospray mass spectrometry and activities of the peptidesBilusich, D.; Jackway, R.; Musgrave, I.; Tyler, M.; Bowie, J.
2005Direct identification of intramolecular disulfide links in peptides using negative ion electrospray mass spectra of underivatised peptides. A joint experimental and theoretical studyBilusich, D.; Maselli, V.; Brinkworth, C.; Samguina, T.; Lebedev, A.; Bowie, J.
2002The orientation of the antibiotic peptide maculatin 1.1 in DMPG and DMPC lipid bilayers. Support for a pore-forming mechanismChia, C.; Torres, J.; Cooper, M.; Arkin, I.; Bowie, J.
2006Host-defence peptides from the glandular secretions of amphibians: structure and activityPukala, T.; Bowie, J.; Maselli, V.; Musgrave, I.; Tyler, M.