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2017Development and transmission of antimicrobial resistance among Gram-negative bacteria in animals and their public health impactMukerji, S.; O'Dea, M.; Barton, M.; Kirkwood, R.; Lee, T.; Abraham, S.
2016Control of estrus and ovulation: fertility to timed insemination of gilts and sowsDe Rensis, F.; Kirkwood, R.
2018Anogenital distance reflects the sex ratio of a gilt's birth litter and predicts her reproductive successSeyfang, J.; Ralph, C.; Hebart, M.; Tilbrook, A.; Kirkwood, R.
2017Nutrient utilization in grower pigs fed boiled, ensiled or milled sweet potato roots blended with a wheat-based protein concentrateDom, M.; Ayalew, W.; Glatz, P.; Kirkwood, R.; Hughes, P.
2014Influence of lactation length and gonadotrophins administered at weaning on fertility of primiparous sowsHidalgo, D.; Friendship, R.; Greiner, L.; Manjarin, R.; Amezcua, M.; Dominguez, J.; Kirkwood, R.
2017Lactational oestrus and reproductive performance following a delayed limited nursing schedule in primiparous sowsChen, T.; Turpin, D.; Knight, A.; Bouwman, E.; Soede, N.; Kirkwood, R.; Langendijk, P.
2016Elevating glucose and insulin secretion by carbohydrate formulation diets in late lactation to improve post-weaning fertility in primiparous sowsChen, T.; Lines, D.; Dickson, C.; Go, C.; Kirkwood, R.; Langendijk, P.
2016Human chorionic gonadotrophin in early gestation induces growth of estrogenic ovarian follicles and improves primiparous sow fertility during summerSeyfang, J.; Langendijk, P.; Chen, T.; Bouwman, E.; Kirkwood, R.
2015Traditional pig farming practices and productivity in the Jayawijaya region, Papua Province, IndonesiaNugroho, W.; Cargill, C.; Putra, I.; Kirkwood, R.; Trott, D.; Salasia, S.; Reichel, M.
2018Effect of duration of altrenogest treatment on farrowing rate and litter size of giltsDe Rensis, F.; Mazzoni, C.; Saleri, R.; Scollo, A.; Plush, K.; Kirkwood, R.