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2003Postnatal testicular development, cellular organization and panacrine regulationSetchell, B.; Hertel, T.; Soder, O.
2000The permeability of the microvascalature of the perfused rat testis to small hydrophilic substancesBustamante, J.; Setchell, B.
2006Effect of heat stress on the fertility of male mice in vivo and in vitroYaeram, J.; Setchell, B.; Maddocks, S.
2010Whole-body heat exposure induces membrane changes in spermatozoa from the cauda epididymidis of laboratory miceWechalekar, H.; Setchell, B.; Peirce, E.; Ricci, M.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.
2005Unusual germ cell organization in the seminiferous epithelium of a murid rodent from southern Asia, the greater bandicoot rat, Bandicota IndicaWorawittayawong, P.; Leigh, C.; Cozens, G.; Peirce, E.; Setchell, B.; Sretarugsa, P.; Dharmarajan, A.; Breed, W.
2000The effect of induced cryptorchidism on the testes and stored sperm in an Australian rodent, the hopping mouse (Notomys alexis)Breed, W.; Setchell, B.; Society for the Study of Fertility, British Andrology Society, British Fertility Society Joint Summer Meeting (01 Jul 2000 : Edinburgh, Scotland)
2002Expression of a blood-brain barrier-specific antigen in the reproductive tract of the male ratGhabriel, M.; Lu, J.; Hermanis, G.; Zhu, C.; Setchell, B.
2005Effects of moderate spinal cord injury on the expression of a barrier marker in endothelial cells of the testis and in the prostate of ratsGhabriel, M.; Lu, J.; Lim, W.; Setchell, B.
2006Anatomy, Vasculature, and Innervation of the male reproductive tractSetchell, B.; Breed, W.
2007Fluid exchange and transport of hydrophilic factors in the testisSetchell, B.