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2009Towards safer, better healthcare: harnessing the natural properties of complex sociotechnical systemsBraithwaite, J.; Runciman, W.; Merry, A.
2008Psychological predictors of substantial pain reduction after minimally invasive radiofrequency and injection treatments for chronic low back painvan Wijk, R.; Geurts, J.; Lousberg, R.; Wynne, H.; Hammink, E.; Knape, J.; Groen, G.
2002The cerebrovascular effects of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine infusions under propofol and isoflurane anaesthesia in sheepMyburgh, J.; Upton, R.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
2004Preventing pain on injection of propofol: A comparison between lignocaine pre-treatment and lignocaine added to propofolLee, P.; Russell, W.
2003Legal aspects of withdrawal therapyYoung, R.; King, A.
2000Videoscopic lung volume reduction surgery in an Australian public teaching hospitalPorter, S.; Ruffin, R.; Pfitzner, J.; Peacock, M.; Southcott, A.; Homan, S.
2004The effects on arterial haemoglobin oxygen saturation and on shunt of increasing cardiac output with dopamine or dobutamine during one-lung ventilationRussell, W.; James, M.
2004Comparison of the analgesic effects of xylazine in sheep via three different administration routesGrant, C.; Upton, R.
2003The effect of infusions of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine on cerebral autoregulation under propofol anaesthesia in an ovine modelMyburgh, J.; Upton, R.; Grant, C.; Martinez, A.
2004Behavioural responses of lambs to common painful husbandry proceduresGrant, C.