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2013Maternal undernutrition during the first week after conception results in decreased expression of glucocorticoid receptor mRNA in the absence of GR exon 1₇ hypermethylation in the fetal pituitary in late gestationZhang, S.; Wyss, O.; MacLaughlin, S.; Walker, S.; Kleemann, D.; Suter, C.; Morrison, J.; Molloy, L.; Cropley, J.; Roberts, C.; McMillen, I.
2015Impact of periconceptional and preimplantation undernutrition on factors regulating myogenesis and protein synthesis in muscle of singleton and twin fetal sheepLie, S.; Morrison, J.; Williams-Wyss, O.; Suter, C.; Humphreys, D.; Ozanne, S.; Zhang, S.; MacLaughlin, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; Roberts, C.; McMillen, I.
2014Embryo number and periconceptional undernutrition in the sheep have differential effects on adrenal epigenotype, growth, and developmentWilliams-Wyss, O.; Zhang, S.; MacLaughlin, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; Suter, C.; Cropley, J.; Morrison, J.; Roberts, C.; Caroline McMillen, I.
2014Periconceptional undernutrition programs changes in insulin-signaling molecules and microRNAs in skeletal muscle in singleton and twin fetal sheepLie, S.; Morrison, J.; Williams-Wyss, O.; Suter, C.; Roberts, C.
2014Maternal obesity or weight loss around conception impacts hepatic fatty acid metabolism in the offspringNicholas, L.; Rattanatray, L.; Morrison, J.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; Zhang, S.; MacLaughlin, S.; McMillen, I.
2013Dietary restriction in the periconceptional period in normal-weight or obese ewes results in increased abundance of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) and angiotensin type 1 receptor (AT1R) in the absence of changes in ACE or AT1R methylation in the adrenal of the offspringZhang, S.; Morrison, J.; Gill, A.; Rattanatray, L.; MacLaughlin, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; McMillen, I.
2013Differential effects of exposure to maternal obesity or maternal weight loss during the periconceptional period in the sheep on insulin signalling molecules in skeletal muscle of the offspring at 4 months of ageNicholas, L.; Morrison, J.; Rattanatray, L.; Ozanne, S.; Kleemann, D.; Walker, S.; MacLaughlin, S.; Zhang, S.; Martin-Gronert, M.; McMillen, I.
2013The Thrombophilia in Pregnancy Prophylaxis Study (TIPPS): a multi-national randomized trial of dalteparin vs. no dalteparin to prevent pregnancy complications in pregnant thrombophilic womenRodger, M.; Hague, W.; Kingdom, J.; Kahn, S.; Karovitch, A.; Wells, P.; Sermer, M.; Clement, A.; Chan, W.; TIPPS Investigators; 24th Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (29 Jun 2013 - 04 Jul 2013 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2012The economic cost to households of childhood malaria in Papua New Guinea: a focus on intra-country variationSicuri, E.; Davy, C.; Marinelli, M.; Oa, O.; Ome, M.; Siba, P.; Conteh, L.; Mueller, I.
2013Pregnancy loss managed by cervical dilatation and curettage increases the risk of spontaneous preterm birthMcCarthy, F.; Khashan, A.; North, R.; Rahma, M.; Walker, J.; Baker, P.; Dekker, G.; Poston, L.; McCowan, L.; O'Donoghue, K.; Kenny, L.