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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Effect of flowing medium for a simply supported pipe subjected to impulse loadingMohammad, R.; Kotooussov, A.; Codrington, J.; Blazewicz, A.
2009Crack growth retardation following the application of an overload cycle using a strip-yield modelCodrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.
2012Bending strain measurements utilising a scanning laser Doppler vibrometerWildy, S.; Kotooussov, A.; Cazzolato, B.; Codrington, J.; Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (7th : 2012 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2007The distributed dislocation technique for calculating plasticity-induced crack closure in plates of finite thicknessCodrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.
2012Surface Strain Measurements Using a 3D Scanning Laser VibrometerWeisbecker, H.; Cazzolato, B.; Wildy, S.; Marburg, S.; Codrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.
2011Modelling the vibrational behaviour of composite archery arrowsRieckmann, M.; Codrington, J.; Cazzolato, B.; Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society (2011 : Gold Coast, Australia)
2010Application of refined plate theory to fracture and fatigueKotooussov, A.; Codrington, J.
2009Theoretical prediction of the overload cycle effect on fatigue crack growth in plates of finite thicknessCodrington, J.; Kotooussov, A.; International Conference on Crack Paths (2009 : Vicenza, Italy)
2009A study of cortical bone microdamage and crack morphology utilising confocal microscopy and sequential labellingCodrington, J.; Kuliwaba, J.; Zarrinkalam, K.; Fazzalari, N.; International Conference on Crack Paths (2009 : Vicenza, Italy)
2009Deformation and fracture of plates of finite thicknessKotooussov, A.; Harding, S.; Codrington, J.; International Conference on Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis (7th : 2009 : Cambridge)