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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Witten Genus and Elliptic genera for proper actionsHan, F.; Mathai, V.
2022Dynamics of generic endomorphisms of Oka-Stein manifoldsArosio, L.; Larusson, F.
2022An index theorem for higher orbital integralsHochs, P.; Song, Y.; Tang, X.
2022Holomorphic Legendrian Curves in Projectivised Cotangent BundlesForstneric, F.; Larusson, F.
2022Many finite-dimensional lifting bundle gerbes are torsionRoberts, D.M.
2022Understanding the origins of the basic equations of statistical fibrillatory dynamicsJenkins, E.V.; Dharmaprani, D.; Schopp, M.; Quah, J.X.; Tiver, K.; Mitchell, L.; Pope, K.; Ganesan, A.N.
2022Sea ice-free corridors for large swell to reach Antarctic ice shelvesTeder, N.; Bennetts, L.; Reid, P.; Massom, R.
2022An equivariant Atiyah–Patodi–Singer index theorem for proper actions II: the K-theoretic indexHochs, P.; Wang, B.L.; Wang, H.
2022Drivers of the Australian native pet trade: the role of species traits, socioeconomic attributes and regulatory systemsToomes, A.; García‐Díaz, P.; Stringham, O.C.; Ross, J.V.; Mitchell, L.; Cassey, P.
2022Rayleigh-Bloch waves above the cutoffBennetts, L.G.; Peter, M.A.
2022Kalman filtering with finite-step autocorrelated measurement noiseLiu, W.; Shi, P.; Zhang, H.
2022A mathematical model for cell-induced gel contraction incorporating osmotic effectsReoch, J.R.; Stokes, Y.M.; Green, J.E.F.
2022RAP-modulated fluid processes: First passages and the stationary distributionBean, N.G.; Nguyen, G.T.; Nielsen, B.F.; Peralta, O.
2022Matrix-analytic methods for the analysis of stochastic fluid-fluid modelsBean, N.G.; O'Reilly, M.M.; Palmowski, Z.
2022Likelihood-based inference for modelling packet transit from thinned flow summariesRahman, P.; Beranger, B.; Sisson, S.; Roughan, M.
2022Unsteady stretching of a glass tube with internal channel pressurizationRanathunga, G.P.; Stokes, Y.M.; Chen, M.J.
2022Interactions between Irregular Wave Fields and Sea Ice: A Physical Model for Wave Attenuation and Ice Breakup in an Ice TankPasserotti, G.; Bennetts, L.G.; Polach, F.V.B.U.; Alberello, A.; Puolakka, O.; Dolatshah, A.; Monbaliu, J.; Toffoli, A.
2022Extending Whitney's extension theorem: nonlinear function spacesRoberts, D.M.; Schmeding, A.
2022Three-dimensional imaging of waves and floes in the marginal ice zone during a cycloneAlberello, A.; Bennetts, L.G.; Onorato, M.; Vichi, M.; MacHutchon, K.; Eayrs, C.; Ntamba, B.N.; Benetazzo, A.; Bergamasco, F.; Nelli, F.; Pattani, R.; Clarke, H.; Tersigni, I.; Toffoli, A.
2022The inspection paradox: An important consideration in the evaluation of rotor lifetimes in cardiac fibrillation.Jenkins, E.V.; Dharmaprani, D.; Schopp, M.; Quah, J.X.; Tiver, K.; Mitchell, L.; Xiong, F.; Aguilar, M.; Pope, K.; Akar, F.G.; Roney, C.H.; Niederer, S.A.; Nattel, S.; Nash, M.P.; Clayton, R.H.; Ganesan, A.N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1732