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2002Altered zinc homeostasis and caspase-3 activity in murine allergic airway inflammationTruongTran, A.; Ruffin, R.; Foster, P.; Koskinen, A.; Coyle, P.; Philcox, J.; Rofe, A.; Zalewski, P.
2002Long-term exposure of Em-Pim1 transgenic mice to 898.4 MHz microwaves does not increase lymphoma incidenceUtteridge, T.; Gebski, V.; Finnie, J.; Vernon-Roberts, B.; Kuchel, T.
2002Receptor activator NFκB ligand (RANKL) expression in synovial tissue from patients with rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthropathy, osteoarthritis, and from normal patients: semiquantitative and quantitative analysisCrotti, T.; Smith, M.; Weedon, H.; Ahern, M.; Findlay, D.; Kraan, M.; Tak, P.; Haynes, D.
2002Clinicopathologic features of fatal self-inflicted incised and stab wounds - A 20-year studyByard, R.; Klitte, A.; Gilbert, J.; James, R.
2002Childhood sporting deathsByard, R.; James, R.; Gilbert, J.
2002Diagnostic problems associated with cadaveric trauma from animal activityByard, R.; James, R.; Gilbert, J.
2002The reliability of immunohistochemistry as a prescreening method for the diagnosis of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) - Results of an international collaborative studyMuller, W.; Burgart, L.; Krause-Paulus, R.; Thibodeau, S.; Almeida, M.; Edmonston, T.; Boland, C.; Sutter, C.; Jass, J.; Lindblom, A.; Lubinski, J.; MacDermot, K.; Sanders, D.; Morreau, H.; Muller, A.; Oliani, C.; Orntoft, T.; Ponz De Leon, M.; Rosty, C.; Rodriguez-Bigas, M.; et al.
2002Cancellous bone microdamage in the proximal femur: Influence of age and osteoarthritis on damage morphology and regional distributionFazzalari, N.; Kuliwaba, J.; Forwood, M.
2002Infanticide: Is its incidence among postneonatal infant deaths increasing? An 18-year population-based analysis in CaliforniaKrous, H.; Nadeau, J.; Silva, P.; Byard, R.
2002Unexpected infant death: Occult cardiac disease and sudden infant death syndrome - how much of an overlap is there?Byard, R.