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2009Correlations and reconstruction models for the 2500-1500 Ma evolution of the Mawson ContinentPayne, J.; Hand, M.; Hatch, K.; Reid, A.; Evans, D.
2007Petrogenesis of ca 1.50 Ga granitic gneiss of the Coompana Block: filling the 'magmatic gap' of Mesoproterozoic AustraliaWade, B.; Payne, J.; Hand, M.; Hatch, K.
2008TI P-T-t deformation framework of an accretionary prism, southern New England Orogen, eastern Australia: Implications for blueschist exhumation and metamorphic switchingPhillips, G.; Hand, M.; Offler, R.
2005Geophysical testing of balanced cross-sections of fold-thrust belts with potential field data: an example from the Fleurieu Arc of the Delamerian Orogen, South AustraliaDireen, N.; Brock, D.; Hand, M.
2006Comment on "First report of garnet-corundum rocks from southern India: Implications for prograde high-pressure (eclogite-facies?) metamorphism"Kelsey, D.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.; Collins, A.
2008Discovery of a Neoproterozoic basin in the Prydz belt in East Antarctica and its implications for Gondwana assembly and ultrahigh temperature metamorphismKelsey, D.; Wade, B.; Collins, A.; Hand, M.; Sealing, C.; Netting, A.
2010Three metamorphic events recorded in a single garnet: Integrated phase modelling, in situ LA-ICPMS and SIMS geochronology from the Moine Supergroup, NW ScotlandCutts, K.; Kinny, P.; Strachan, R.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Emery, M.; Friend, C.; Leslie, A.
2011Assessing the geochemical and tectonic impacts of fluid-rock interaction in mid-crustal shear zones: a case study from the intracontinental Alice Springs Orogen, central AustraliaRaimondo, T.; Clark, C.; Hand, M.; Faure, K.
2012Formation damage in geothermal wells (Salamander field case)Bedrikovetski, P.; You, Z.; Badalyan, A.; Hand, M.; Matthews, C.; Jenson, D.; Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (2012 : Perth, Western Australia)
2007Timing of Proterozoic metamorphism in the southern Curnamona Province: implications for tectonic models and continental reconstructionsRutherford, L.; Hand, M.; Hatch, K.