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2017Ferric carbide nanocrystals encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as an outstanding environmental catalystWang, C.; Kang, J.; Liang, P.; Zhang, H.; Sun, H.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2018Enzyme/pH-sensitive dendritic polymer-DOX conjugate for cancer treatmentChen, K.; Liao, S.; Guo, S.; Zhang, H.; Cai, H.; Gong, Q.; Gu, Z.; Luo, K.
2018Heterostructured WO₃@CoWO₄ bilayer nanosheets for enhanced visible-light photo, electro and photoelectro-chemical oxidation of waterZhang, H.; Tian, W.; Li, Y.; Sun, H.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2016Flower-like cobalt hydroxide/oxide on graphitic carbon nitride for visible-light-driven water oxidationZhang, H.; Tian, W.; Guo, X.; Zhou, L.; Sun, H.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2016Heteroatom (N or N-S)-doping induced layered and honeycomb microstructures of porous carbons for CO₂ capture and energy applicationsTian, W.; Zhang, H.; Sun, H.; Suvorova, A.; Saunders, M.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2017Metal-free hybrids of graphitic carbon nitride and nanodiamonds for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic applicationsZhou, L.; Zhang, H.; Guo, X.; Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2012Exploring low-positively charged thermosensitive copolymers as gene delivery vectorsShen, Z.; Shi, B.; Zhang, H.; Bi, J.; Dai, S.
2018Monodisperse Co₃O₄ quantum dots on porous carbon nitride nanosheets for enhanced visible-light-driven water oxidationZhang, H.; Tian, W.; Zhou, L.; Sun, H.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2016Influence of polymer molecular weight on the in vitro cytotoxicity of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)Mellati, A.; Valizadeh Kiamahalleh, M.; Dai, S.; Bi, J.; Jin, B.; Zhang, H.
2016A virtual instrument to standardise the calibration of atomic force microscope cantileversSader, J.; Borgani, R.; Gibson, C.; Haviland, D.; Higgins, M.; Kilpatrick, J.; Lu, J.; Mulvaney, P.; Shearer, C.; Slattery, A.; Thorén, P.; Tran, J.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, H.; Zheng, T.