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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Package design as a communications vehicle in cross-cultural values shoppingLimon, Y.; Kahle, L.; Orth, U.
2005Panther sports and the Pakistani soccer ball industryRammal, Hussain Gulzar
2009A paradox of the world population stabilization policyAlam, Md. Mahmudul; Molla, Rafiqul Islam; Rahman, Khondaker Mizanur; Murad, Wahid
2003Pareto and Parameters: How Customer Concentration Varies with NBD ParametersHabel, C.; Driesener, C.; Rungie, C.; Jarvis, W.; Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2003 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2003The Pareto Effect (80:20 rule) in consumption of liquor: A preliminary discussionHabel, C.; Rungie, C.; Lockshin, L.; Spawton, T.; International Colloquium in Wine Marketing (2003 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2007Part IVA & The Relevance Of Subjective Intention – The Second InstalmentCarbone, D.; Annual Conference of the Australian Tax Teachers Association (20th : Jan. 2008 : Hobart, Tasmania)
2008Part IVA: The relevance of subjective purpose in drawing the conclusion under Section 177DCarbone, D.
2010Part one: Establishing a presence in social media - FacebookGoodman, S.; Habel, C.
2015Participant observation as ethnography or ethnography as participant observation in organizational researchSandiford, P.
2019Particularistic and system trust in family businesses: The role of family influenceWang, Y.; Shi, H.
1997Partly paid, partly popular : changing trends in executive share issuesCanil, J.; Rosser, B.
2006The patterns in firms' resource investment strategies: Do managers and past performance shape them?Hubbard, G.; Zubac, A.; Johnson, L.; Atlanta Academy of Management (2006 : Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
2007Pay-performance sensitivities of CEO stock option grantsCanil, J.; Rosser, B.
2018Perceived informative intention in advertising and its attenuating effect on persuasion attribution among childrenTarabashkina, L.; Quester, P.; Tarabashkina, O.
2005Perceived risk and servicescape: The importance of managing the physical evidence in services marketingQuester, P.; McOmish, M.; Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (2005 : Fremantle, W.A.)
1995Perceiver concerns: A definition of informationMetcalfe, Mike A.; Powell, P.
2007Perceptions about boards in SME sized family businessesThomas, J.; Coleman, M.; Howieson, B.
2011Perceptions and misperceptions regarding the unqualified auditor's report by financial statement preparers, users, and auditorsGray, G.; Turner, J.; Coram, P.; Mock, T.
2010Perceptions of benevolence and the design of agency contracts: CEO-TMT relationships in family firmsCruz, C.; Gómez-Mejia, L.; Becerra, M.
2005Perceptions of tax fairness and tax compliance behavior in Australia and Hong Kong - A preliminary study.Gilligan, G.; Richardson, G.