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2023Substructural fixed-point theorems and the diagonal argument: theme and variationsRoberts, D.M.
2023Parametric analysis of a two-body floating-point absorber wave energy converterXu, Q.; Li, Y.; Bennetts, L.G.; Wang, S.; Zhang, L.; Xu, H.; Narasimalu, S.
2023The effect of bottleneck size on evolution in nested Darwinian populations.Nitschke, M.C.; Black, A.J.; Bourrat, P.; Rainey, P.B.
2023Almost Robinson geometriesFino, A.; Leistner, T.; Taghavi-Chabert, A.
2023Viscous effects on the added mass and damping forces during free heave decay of a floating cylinder with a hemispherical bottomChen, H.; Xu, Q.; Zheng, X.; Bennetts, L.G.; Xie, B.; Lin, Z.; Lin, Z.; Li, Y.
2023Tautological classes of definite 4-manifoldsBaraglia, D.
2023The dark web trades wildlife, but mostly for use as drugsStringham, O.C.; Maher, J.; Lassaline, C.R.; Wood, L.; Moncayo, S.; Toomes, A.; Heinrich, S.; Watters, F.; Drake, C.; Chekunov, S.; Hill, K.G.W.; Decary‐Hetu, D.; Mitchell, L.; Ross, J.V.; Cassey, P.
2023Simpler foundations for the hyperbolic planeBamberg, J.; Penttila, T.
2023Gender-specific effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on scientific publishing productivity: Impact and resilienceRyan, M.; Tuke, J.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Spencer, S.J.
2023Attractor-driven matterValani, R.N.; Paganin, D.M.
2023Covalent Protein Immobilization on 3D-Printed Microfiber Meshes for Guided Cartilage RegenerationAinsworth, M.J.; Lotz, O.; Gilmour, A.; Zhang, A.; Chen, M.J.; McKenzie, D.R.; Bilek, M.M.M.; Malda, J.; Akhavan, B.; Castilho, M.
2023A note on the Nielsen realization problem for K3 surfacesBaraglia, D.; Konno, H.
2023A Patch in Time Saves Nine: Methods for the Identification of Localised Dynamical Behaviour and Lifespans of Coherent StructuresBlachut, C.; Gonzalez-Tokman, C.; Hernandez-Duenas, G.
2023A mathematical model for nutrient–limited uniaxial growth of a compressible tissueLi, K.; Gallo, A.J.; Binder, B.J.; Green, J.E.F.
2023Geometry and holonomy of indecomposable conesAlekseevsky, D.; Cortés, V.; Leistner, T.
2022Witten Genus and Elliptic genera for proper actionsHan, F.; Mathai, V.
2022Extending Whitney's extension theorem: nonlinear function spacesRoberts, D.M.; Schmeding, A.
2022Three-dimensional imaging of waves and floes in the marginal ice zone during a cycloneAlberello, A.; Bennetts, L.G.; Onorato, M.; Vichi, M.; MacHutchon, K.; Eayrs, C.; Ntamba, B.N.; Benetazzo, A.; Bergamasco, F.; Nelli, F.; Pattani, R.; Clarke, H.; Tersigni, I.; Toffoli, A.
2022Delocalized Spectra of Landau Operators on Helical SurfacesKubota, Y.; Ludewig, M.; Thiang, G.C.
2022Semi-Riemannian conesLeistner, T.; Hervik, S.; Kruglikov, B.; Markina, I.; The, D.; Geometry, Lie Theory and Applications. Abel Symposium 2019 (24 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019 : Alesund, Norway)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1749