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2011In vivo leukocyte changes induced by Escherichia coli subtilase cytotoxinWang, H.; Paton, A.; McColl, S.; Paton, J.
2016Comparative characterization of Shiga toxin type 2 and subtilase cytotoxin effects on human renal epithelial and endothelial cells grown in monolayer and bilayer conditionsÁlvarez, R.; Sacerdoti, F.; Jancic, C.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Ibarra, C.; Amaral, M.
2014Effects of Escherichia coli Subtilase cytotoxin and Shiga toxin 2 on primary cultures of human renal tubular epithelial cellsMarquez, L.; Velazquez, N.; Repetto, H.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Ibarra, C.; Silberstein, C.
2010Receptor-mimic probiotics: Potential therapeutics for bacterial toxin-mediated enteric diseasesPaton, A.; Morona, R.; Paton, J.
2014The cholesterol-dependent cytolysins pneumolysin and streptolysin O require binding to red blood cell glycans for hemolytic activityShewell, L.; Harvey, R.; Higgins, M.; Day, C.; Hartley-Tassell, L.; Chen, A.; Gillen, C.; James, D.; Alonzo, F.; Torres, V.; Walker, M.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Jennings, M.
2013EcxAB is a founding member of a new family of metalloprotease AB₅ toxins with a hybrid cholera-like B subunitNg, N.; Littler, D.; Paton, A.; Le Nours, J.; Rossjohn, J.; Paton, J.; Beddoe, T.
2012Role of lipid rafts and flagellin in invasion of colonic epithelial cells by Shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli O113:H21Rogers, T.; Thorpe, C.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.
2010Targeting GRP78 to enhance melanoma cell deathMartin, S.; Hill, D.; Paton, J.; Paton, A.; Birch-Machin, M.; Lovat, P.; Redfern, C.
2010Escherichia coli subtilase cytotoxinPaton, A.; Paton, J.
2013Cloning, expression, purification and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of a novel AB5 toxinNg, N.; Littler, D.; Le Nours, J.; Paton, A.; Paton, J.; Rossjohn, J.; Beddoe, T.