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2018Linking defects, hierarchical porosity generation and desalination performance in metal-organic frameworksLiang, W.; Li, L.; Hou, J.; Shepherd, N.; Bennett, T.; D'Alessandro, D.; Chen, V.
2018A giant 90-nucleus silver cluster templated by hetero-anionsLiu, J.-.W.; Su, H.-.F.; Wang, Z.; Li, Y.-.A.; Zhao, Q.-.Q.; Wang, X.-.P.; Tung, C.-.H.; Sun, D.; Zheng, L.-.S.
2018Total enzyme syntheses of napyradiomycins A1 and B1McKinnie, S.; Miles, Z.; Jordan, P.; Awakawa, T.; Pepper, H.; Murray, L.; George, J.; Moore, B.
2018The hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solution: from theory, single crystal models, to practical electrocatalystsZheng, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Qiao, S.; Vasileff, A.
2018Efficient hydroxylation of cycloalkanes by co-addition of decoy molecules to variants of the cytochrome P450 CYP102A1Dezvarei, S.; Onoda, H.; Shoji, O.; Watanabe, Y.; Bell, S.
2018Endothermic singlet fission is hindered by excimer formationDover, C.; Gallaher, J.; Frazer, L.; Tapping, P.; Petty, A.; Crossley, M.; Anthony, J.; Kee, T.; Schmidt, T.
2018Continuous-flow in-line solvent-swap crystallization of vitamin D₃Escribà-Gelonch, M.; Hessel, V.; Maier, M.; Noël, T.; Neira D'Angelo, M.; Gruber-Woelfler, H.
2018Metal-free activation of persulfate by cubic mesoporous carbons for catalytic oxidation via radical and nonradical processesDuan, X.; Sun, H.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2018Pt-Free microengines at extremely low peroxide levelsYe, H.; Ma, G.; Kang, J.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2018Protein surface functionalisation as a general strategy for facilitating biomimetic mineralisation of ZIF-8Maddigan, N.; Tarzia, A.; Huang, D.; Sumby, C.; Bell, S.; Falcaro, P.; Doonan, C.
2018Protecting-group-free site-selective reactions in a metal-organic framework reaction vesselHuxley, M.; Burgun, A.; Ghodrati, H.; Coghlan, C.; Lemieux, A.; Champness, N.; Huang, D.; Doonan, C.; Sumby, C.
2018A domino Kornblum-DeLaMare/aza-Michael reaction of 3,6-dihydro-1,2-dioxines and application to the synthesis of the ceramide transport inhibitor (±)-HPA-12Legendre, S.; Jevric, M.; Klepp, J.; Sumby, C.; Greatrex, B.
2018Electron transfer ferredoxins with unusual cluster binding motifs support secondary metabolism in many bacteriaChild, S.; Bradley, J.; Pukala, T.; Svistunenko, D.; Le Brun, N.; Bell, S.
2018Physiological functions of nedd4-2: lessons from knockout mouse modelsManning, J.A.; Kumar, S.
2018An anion conductance, the essential component of the hydroxyl-radical-induced ion current in plant rootsPottosin, I.; Zepeda-Jazo, I.; Bose, J.; Shabala, S.
2018Structural and functional characterisation of the cytochrome P450 enzyme CYP268A2 from Mycobacterium marinumChild, S.; Naumann, E.; Bruning, J.; Bell, S.
2018Influence of nanoscale structuralisation on the catalytic performance of ZIF-8: a cautionary surface catalysis studyLinder-Patton, O.; De Prinse, T.; Furukawa, S.; Bell, S.; Sumida, K.; Doonan, C.; Sumby, C.
2018Stereoselective hydroxylation of isophorone by variants of the cytochromes P450 CYP102A1 and CYP101A1Dezvarei, S.; Lee, J.; Bell, S.
2018A structural model of a P450-ferredoxin complex from orientation-selective double electron-electron resonance spectroscopyBowen, A.; Johnson, E.; Mercuri, F.; Hoskins, N.; Qiao, R.; McCullagh, J.; Lovett, J.; Bell, S.; Zhou, W.; Timmel, C.; Wong, L.; Harmer, J.
2018Atomic-level design of CoOH⁺-hydroxyapatite@C catalysts for superfast degradation of organics via peroxymonosulfate activationSong, F.; Zhang, H.; Wang, S.; Liu, L.; Tan, X.; Liu, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1729